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Affiche Igokat dossier de presseChoreographies :
Kathryn Bradney et Igor Piovano

Costumes : Henri Davila and Anna Di Giorgi

Stage manager : Claude Currat

Dancers :
Kathryn Bradney, Igor Piovano
Julie Lamby, Pasquale Alberico
Guiliano Cardone,Nicole Morel

Théâtre Métropole Lausanne
10th May 2008


The premiere performance of ‘Dentro’ took place at the Metropole Theater in Lausanne, Switzerland in May 2008.

Dentro :

Taken from a true love story of a man, of his fears and anguishes…

and of this woman always present in his dreams and fantasies.

Reality and fiction mix together to give life to a passionate story

where the different scenes follow one after the other,

from Debussy to Vivaldi,

with original compositions from Enzo Miraglia (a Swiss music composer)

and the original paintings of Alessandra Morra (a contemporary Italian painter). A performance that leaves place for the audiences imagination

where the choreographers, Kathryn Bradney and Igor Piovano,

play with the virtuosity and the different personalities of the dancers.

The word ‘Dentro’ comes from Italian and signifies: within oneself.


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