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Cie Igokat - Petrouchka


Roméo cherche Juliette
Cie Igokat - Roméo cherche Juliette


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The Company Igokat at Colombier on Jan. 23rd

Give and Take

Kathryn Bradney
Igor Piovano

Espace Culturel des Terreaux Lausanne
October 10th,11th and 12th 2013



Dancers: Kathryn Bradney, Igor Piovano, Julie Lamby, Pasquale Alberico, Heberth Riascos, Sarah Frassanito, Aurélia Peixoto, Pauline Schopfer

To know how to take and know how to give without expecting anything back.

Eight dancers share their lives together on stage in a fun game.

14 different pieces will be randomly chosen for the audience to discover

a different performance every evening.

Everyday we are confronted by…choices to make.

If we could have taken a different path, if we had turned right

and not left, if we would have taken the time to stop and think,

maybe then…

Projected in our adult lives our choices are often dictated

by our duties and our needs, and that…

We find ourselves obligated to silence the child that is inside of us.

We must never stop dreaming and life teaches us that

the most important thing is to…’Give & Take’.

Rue Caroline 7 & Rue Centrale 31
1003 Lausanne, Suisse
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