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Cie Igokat - Petrouchka


Roméo cherche Juliette
Cie Igokat - Roméo cherche Juliette


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The Company Igokat at Colombier on Jan. 23rd

Shut up and Dance !

Tais-toi mailChoreographies:
Kathryn Bradney
Igor Piovano

Concert Pianists:
Ufuk & Bahar Dördüncü

Bradney Kathryn, Piovano Igor
Lamby Julie, Alberico Pasquale
Cardone Giuliano, Aurélia Peixoto
Python Cécile,Géraldine Tissot
Justine Arm


Théâtre Métropole de Lausanne

11th and 12th June 2010

With the financial support from the Loterie Romande

and the Leenaards Foundation,

Shut up and Dance! takes you on a journey throughout the world

passing from Argentina to India, Africa and Venice…trying to find the

right path for a dance company:

A mentor, a guide disappears from the Dance world.

A gap that is impossible to fulfill, a sensation of solitude and of despair.

Easy to say…we are all essential but nobody is irreplacable.

Who could replace him? Should we really replace him?

The quest for a continuation, the desire for something new but yet

the longing to stay in the past. What solution do we have?

« Shut up and Dance!»

A dance company not like the others.

A day like an other, a rehearsal like the others, but…

After the passing of the Master, nothing will be like before!

The despair, the hate, the fear, the desolation.

The quest of new styles, of new challenges and finally…the discovery.

Nothing is finished, everything continues…« Shut up and Dance! ».

Different video projections help the spectator follow us amidst the meanderings of our story.

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