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The 6th Element

Igokat 6e-element afficheChoreographies:
Kathryn Bradney and Igor Piovano

In collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

with the support of the Loterie Romande and the Leenaards Foundation

Original costumes made by the Couture School of Lausanne

Lighting by Denis Foucart

The principal dancers :
Kathryn Bradney, Igor Piovano, Julie Lamby,
Pasquale Alberico, Giuliano Cardone

Théâtre Métropole Lausanne
16th and 17th May 2009

The 6th Element creatively explores the consequences of our planet’s global warming.

Featuring Igokat’s original choreography, outstanding imagery of the WWF,

costumes by the Ecole de Couture de Lausanne

and lighting by Denis Foucart,

The 6th Element takes us on a journey that explores

the current health of our planet and the devastating impacts of climate change.

Between the elements there is harmony, complicity and a total balance.

Air, Earth, Fire and Water – four unique and complimentary components.

Since the beginning of time, many things have changed…man has indulged in all of his desires for his “evolution”,

to the destruction of everything around him.

The planet is damaged and the elements are out of control,

a fragile balance where only the 5th element, Love is a reality.

However, Love is not enough to save the planet because the materialism

and egoism of man is without limits.

A last hope, a last ray of light, a last chance: The 6th Element….Dance!

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