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Prix de Lausanne 2019
-- Prix de Lausanne 2019 -- du 3 au 10 février


Igokat Film Productions was founded for a reason: the majority of performance films do not do them justice. It is effectively very difficult to reproduce the same atmosphere and story of a representation. Igokat Film Productions was started to fill this gap and to bring a better artistic vision to the technical process.

Specialists in show business, we put to your service our full knowledge of the staging so that your videos keep the magic of a live performance even on a screen.

The right balance between a technical and artistic work.

Our goals

Igokat Film Productions offers you their services and works to:

1. To make each performance a unique film in every way to enrich the representation.

2. To propose a technical and artistic quality of filming which allows the spectator to understand the showmanship of the performance.

3. To edit the performance in respect to the piece, permitting to follow the performance in a complete manner.

4. To propose a  creative process (post-production workflow) which permits multiple uses of the final product (DVD, broadcasting, archives, web, a tape backup, etc…).

We offer personalized estimates that are adapted to all of your projects.

Visite our website for more information.

Rue Caroline 7 & Rue Centrale 31
1003 Lausanne, Suisse
Tél/Fax: 021/311 11 05
Portable: 076/476 43 89